Wellington Museum

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Africa under one roof!

Impossible? Decide for yourself!

Wellington Museum, situated in the winelands of the western Cape, 45 minutes from Cape Town, features not only the cultures of various African ethnic groups but also prides itself in having ties with countries as far afield as America, England, Scotland, France, and the Netherlands.
The Wellington Museum was founded in the early seventies by a group of dedicated residents to preserve the history of the town and its surrounding district.


09:00- 17:00
Weekends and public holidays:
open by appointment (only groups of 25 plus)
Adults R2
Children 50c

Visit the Museum and discover the age-old mysteries of Africa:

  • Stone Age artefacts
  • traditional ethnic tools, musical instruments and jewellery of the Sotho and Tswana amongst others
  • a unique collection of Egyptian artefacts dating back to the time of King Akhenaten ( 1375 BC)

Where Africa meets Europe a unique drama unfolds

  • Free Burghers from the Netherlands and Huguenot refugees establish the first farms and formal industries
  • Pioneers, such as Andrew Geddes Bain, builds the first road to the interior across the Limiet Mountains and Andrew Murray revolutionizes education for girls by the establishment of the Huguenot Seminary.