Inyathi Guest Lodges

Selected by The Greenwood Guide to South Africa, 2nd edition

Text written by Simon Greenwood

I was reminded of an adventure playground of my youth when I did the tour at Inyathi. There was the same inventive use of wood and love of hiding places and alcoves. Every room puts its limited space to work with great humour and ingenuity: some have their own small verandahs, some free-standing baths; there are painted dolphins, bird-of-paradise flowers, stained glass windows, brightly coloured African dolls made of beads, wooden candles, low beds on raised platforms, dried tumbleweed, wicker baskets… and anything else that could be found and put to effective use.

All the bathrooms have something quirky about them but number 8 takes the biscuit. You creep downstairs into a dungeon/shower room with black and white diamond walls, hanging wattle stick screens, a row of black wooden carved figures on an exposed wall and a tree growing behind glass as if in a display case. This same tree grows up through the deck and provides shade for the room above. Ypie and Erik are a young Dutch couple who, after six years in Moscow, are obviously still looking for excitement. Very youthful, quirky, friendly and good fun.