Monkey Town Primate Centre

Entertain Kids & Family at an Exotic Monkey Zoo

A memorable interaction with exotic monkeys from the rain forests of Africa and the Amazons awaits you at Monkey Town. It is a zoo, but also much more! As a primate entertainment centre, tourism destination and wildlife conservation center, it offers you a rare experience and a “first” in South Africa: to touch and mingle freely with some of the tame monkeys – such as lemurs, squirrel monkeys, spider monkeys and capuchins. This is one family outing that will stay with you long after!

Covered Walk-Way

There are special covered walk -ways which run like tunnels through the dense bush and from where you can watch the monkeys jump about in the trees. The inquisitive ones come and press up against the wire fence to watch homo sapiens in a cage!

Unwind at the Restaurant

On the wooden veranda you can relax over a meal and a glass of wine – an apt ending to an educational family or tourist outing and an unusual wildlife safari – knowing that your visit has contributed to the conservation of rare, exotic and endangered monkey species.

Monkey Town is situated 40 km outside Cape Town on the N2 National Road between Somerset West and Gordon’s Bay.