Out of Africa Safaris

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 The African countries in which we will hunt are among the last remaining on the African continent where a hunter can experience a Safari complete with optimal accommodation and amenities. Out Of Africa Adventurous Safaris should be your first choice when planning your Hunting Safaris in Africa, South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Let our experience professional hunters plan your next Big Five Safari in Africa.
Accommodation will be in African-style huts or high-quality tents. The units sleep one or two persons. Units are equipped with flushing toilets and hot and cold water. Our camps in South Africa have the luxury of electricity fitted with converters. Tasks such as cooking and laundry will be performed by our employees. Meals are ample, varied and adapted to your personal requirements and taste and will be served with the best of South African wines.
Approximate winter temperatures (May to August) range between 40F in early morning to 65F in the afternoon. Spring temperatures (February-April and September-October) range between 50F and 85F. The raining season varies by areas.
Out Of Africa Adventurous Safaris hunts in several regions of various terrain. The concessions are reserved exclusively for our clients in large, private hunting areas. Dense bush, savannahs and hills are the habitats in which the game reaches maturity. The variety of regions allows us to offer a wide range of game with exceptional opportunities to bag valuable trophies. We can offer you 60 species and sub-species in these African countries (South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Tanzania). The hunting season in South Africa and Botswana is from February to November, in Zimbabwe from March to November, and in Tanzania from July to November. You will be hunting according to your wishes, possibilities and ability. Because of the vastness of the hunting area, we will track in 4×4 vehicles. Once the game has been sighted, it will be hunted on foot. It is at this moment that the actual hunt commences with its challenges, hazards and beauty.
Your trophies will be marked, salted, and field prepared prior to being sent to a taxidermist. Out of Africa Adventurous Safaris will do all Taxidermy documentation and arrangements. Trophy Solutions Africa (Dip to ship in 99 days) will take care of the shipping of the trophies:
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Our combined 50 years professional hunting experience, permits us to give you the following tips:
Bring a bolt action or a double rifle (muzzleloaders are welcome). For Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant, a minimum calibre of 375 is required. All calibres bigger than this are welcome. For Lions, Leopard, Antelopes and other medium game a calibre of 300 or 30-06 will be sufficient. For dangerous game, 40 full metal-jacket cartridges as well as 40 soft-point cartridges are required. For medium game you will need at least 80 soft-point cartridges. Fit your rifle with a good quality scope with variable power; 1.5-6 x 42, 2.2-9 x 42 or the like. For transportation of your rifle between hunting areas, a soft case per gun is required.
A valid passport is needed. South Africa requires no Visa. Zimbabwe requires a Visa, ($30). Tanzania requires a Visa, $50. You can get information from the Embassy of Tanzania by writing or telephoning: